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Shannon and Harry’s Favorite Wedding Image

“This photo perfectly captures the emotion of our wedding day.  The dramatic clouds in the background symbolize the life we left behind as we stand in a loving embrace in the sunshine to celebrate the beginning of our new shared lives.  The cherry red 1968 Mustang is waiting patiently to whisk us away as our […]

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Tiffany and Luke’s Favorite Wedding Image

“I couldn’t have been happier in this moment. The weather was amazing, the chaos of our wedding was over, and I was with the love of my life! Right after this picture was taken, we left the wedding reception to go start our lives together…and life’s been amazing ever since! Such a great memory!”–Tiffany and […]

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Jill and Aaron’s Favorite Wedding Image

“This photo captures the beauty and craziness of our little family. We knew taking wedding photos with our dogs would be a challenge, but this image made it all worth it!”–Jill and Aaron

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Frank and Brent’s Favorite Wedding Image

“We love so many of our wedding photos… that it is difficult to chose one. It would be easier if we were asked to pick 100 favorites. The one with our nieces and nephews is very special. We are so glad that we were able to celebrate with them. They were so well behaved during […]

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Brittney and Nic’s Favorite Wedding Image

“Unity in marriage is one soul, one heart, and one being. We are no longer single souls. As we walked this path together hand-in-hand, it represented how we will never be alone. It was the start of our journey together. Perhaps we will never be as nicely dressed, but we are together. Forever.”–Brittany and Nic

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Wedding Vignette: Amanda and Fred’s Favorite Wedding Image

“This picture represents both a sigh of relief and a moment of overwhelming joy. We had pulled it off and were officially married. Vows had been said, cake had been cut, parents had been danced with, and now it was time for us. We had been quietly pulled away from the reception and allowed to […]

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Wedding Vignette: John and Kennethia’s Favorite Wedding Image

“Our wedding was a special day but as we stood there in the woods heads touching, I just knew that the rest of my life with my beautiful wife was beginning. Our special day was filled with so many great moments, but as I look back on this photo of us it stands as a […]

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Before The Wedding…..

Sarah and Jake did not want to see each other before their wedding ceremony, so they exchanged letters to share their feelings about the day to be… With a little surprise chat and hand holding on either side of a door. No peeking! ….they eventually did get to see each other and get married and […]

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Equinox Photography: Wedding Vignettes: Dad’s First Look

When Julie married her husband Dan, she told me of a very special part of her day that she wanted me to photograph: the first time her dad saw her in her bridal finery. It made me realize that this is indeed very important, as Dad is usually hanging out with the guys before the […]

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John Li - April 26, 2012 - 1:50 pm

This is emotion!