Let’s talk about…SHOES!

Silver is a very popular choice–another way to add shimmer and bling!

Color! Color! Color! shoes can be dyed to your wedding colors and/or to match your bridesmaids dresses.

Bridal white doesn’t have to be boring with gems and feathers added

Neutrals such as gray and taupe add timeless sophistication

Anything goes! Sandals, Chuck Taylors, flats or cowboy boots for the country girl!

Make a statement, make it stylish, make it YOU.


The bride’s shoes are one of the first things I find myself photographing on the wedding day, along with the dress, jewelry and other details. Choosing the perfect pair can be a tough decision: should you be chic, taller and possibly uncomfortable in heels or cute and comfy in flats or sandals? The weather and location can play a part in the decision making as well–getting married outdoors on the grass in June? Flats or sandals may be best if you don’t want to sink into the earth during your ceremony! Are you as tall as or taller than your groom? You may want to avoid 4″ heels–unless you are OK with towering over him. He might like it!  In which case that’s perfectly all right, but you don’t want to  feel that you look awkward in the photos later. Going to be dancing the night away at your reception? A change of flip flops or flats for later on will save your feet. What ever your choice, it’s all about how you feel when you wear them, which should always be fabulous.

Next time, it’s all about the DRESS!






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